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Quarter-by-quarter attention on these highest priorities results in an overall improvement to the business.  Click on the links to learn more about any of the 8 Priorities of Business Improvement.

We focus on clients on making improvements in the following 8 key areas:

  • Purpose - Developing a compelling vision of how your organization will impact the world that motivates and inspires your people.
  • Plans - Creating a plan that comes alive in your business, guides day-to-day activity, and moves the company in the direction you want to go.
  • Products - Developing and mastering products that derive from your strengths, meet/exceed your core customers' needs, and differentiate you in the marketplace.
  • People - Getting all members of the team engaged - leaders, managers, staff.  Finding, hiring, on-boarding and growing the best people for your business.
  • Process - Identifying and constantly improving how you do things to maximize efficiency and reduce drama.
  • Partners - The key strategic alliances you form outside your businesses with key customers, coaches, suppliers and strategic partners who help you grow your business.     
  • Performance - Putting in place the systems, tools, communication rhythms, and dashboards to monitor to ensure that your plans get accomplished.
  • Profitability - Ensuring your company knows its financial numbers and that making money  is baked into what you do.

Business Improvement Assessment

Take our 32 question assessment to learn which of the 8 Priorities needs the most attention in your business, and how you stack up against others who have taken the assessment.