The plan articulates what the company is trying to accomplish. It starts with a 3-5 year picture, which is then supported by a clear annual plan.  The annual plan is then accomplished quarter-by-quarter in a series of 90 day sprints.  Plans makes company performance much easier to discern.  The plan takes the raw materials of the business (people, products, process and partners) and coordinates them into a cohesive, organized set of activities that will guide the company to a more ideal future.

Plan Checklist

How would you rank each of the following statements about your organization on a scale of 0 to 10?

  1. We have a plan that connects our purpose/long term thinking to our quarterly actions.
  2. Our plans help to to focus on the key parts of our business that need focus.
  3. Our plan helps us do what's needed to keep ahead of the competition to win consistently in our markets.
  4. The executive team is aligned with the owners on the direction/vision of the company.
  5. Focused concentration on our current strategy along should allow us to grow by 20% or more each year.
  6. We can grow twice as fast as our competition.
  7. We can generate ample leads to fuel our desired growth.
  8. Our sales team is well equipped to close the business we need.
  9. We use a powerful planning process at the company and departmental levels to keep us focused on achieving our most compelling goals.