In business, winning starts with being able sell your products/services to your target client regardless of your competition.  Your products/service must be well positioned to satisfy the needs of your key customers at a price point that they can justify and that allows you to make a profit.  Your products need to be different in an important way to your target client. Competitive advantage comes from a uniqueness that's important to the core customers-it can come from a combination of people, products, process, and partners.

Products Checklist

How would you rank each of the following statements about your organization on a scale of 0 to 10?

  1. In the last 3 years, we consistently have met or exceeded our revenue targets.
  2. We have one or more clear competitive advantages in our industry that has allowed us to consistently win deals with our target customers.
  3. Demand for our products/services in our markets is growing.
  4. We have performance guarantees that our competitors are unable to match.
  5. We do a great job of keeping pace with the changing needs of our customers and markets.


Keys To Becoming Different

Youngme Moon, Author of Different, talks with Verne Harnish about what it takes to be different in ways that are important and effective.