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Keith Baldwin - President of Spikes Trophies, Philadelphia PA

"I have known and worked with Doug Diamond for over 10 years.  In those years Doug has been an integral part of our operational and strategic planning.  Doug took me and my management group through the Gazelles Rockefeller Habits training, which we continue to use to this day as a way to run our business to have everyone on the same page, with focused agreed to priorities.

Recently, during this past year, Doug has assisted me in educating my employees in "The Great Game of Business".  "The Great Game of Business" is a form of open-book management.  Doug has assisted me in the financial education of my staff, in order for them to assist me in improving the company and the bottom line.  Doug helped me communicate the "stake in the outcome" to the employees, as an incentive to improve the business in order to share the fruits of their improvement and the growth of our bottom line.

In addition to the above, I also hired Doug as a speaker for my national buying group, Award Associates of America.  He conducted a benchmarking workshop which brought to light various strengths and weaknesses among the different member businesses and created dialog to share best practices, learn and improve each of our businesses collectively which earned him rave reviews.

Doug possesses great business insight and experience, which he shares with extraordinary integrity.  My team loves working with Doug.   I would personally recommend Doug to any business owner who is looking for assistance with their businesses growth."