Q3 Culture Engagement Survey Overview

Welcome! Thanks for participating in the Business Improvement Q3 Culture-Engagement Survey. I am hoping you’ll get clarity on how to read your reports and that all your questions get answered. If you have additional questions, please send them to me via email (ddiamond@bizimprovement.com) and I’ll post my responses here to share with all.

I have a strong belief that great companies have strong relationships with their clients, employees and shareholders all at the same time, and I’m passionate about helping companies become great no matter what their size. This culture-engagement survey allows a team to measure their relationship with their staff - one of the three critical relationships.

Ideally, the survey helps your team generate healthy discussion that translates to action that creates improvement in the business.  Culture and engagement are squishy – hard to measure exactly/quantify, but focused attention on making things better with real collaboration between leaders and staff will make the improvement possible. Hope is that these reports drive conversation that leads to action which generates improvement.

Use the links below to get answers to your questions about the survey results, and how to take action with these results with your team.

Reports Definitions/How To Use:

Taking Action / Next Steps:

Survey Feedback:

  • Survey Feedback - use this link to provide much appreciated feedback about the survey (collection, statements, reports). The survey will continue to improve using the constructive ideas of the people who use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As we get questions, we’ll post the answers here. Look for updates here periodically.