Jerry Sheehan - President of Synchronet, West Seneca, NY

"My team has been part of the Deeper Dive program since November 2016, which meets on-line twice per month.  The key benefit for me is structure.  With life as crazy as it is, the program keeps us in our planning rhythms, so we always have a quarterly plan that we're working on that connects to our annual plan, and our annual plan connects to where we're trying to get in the next 3-5 years.  We're still learning how to really nail every single quarter's plan, but that's part of the journey.   All I can say is that we learn sometime each quarter that makes us better.

I'm also doing 1-on-1 coaching with Doug, which gives me a chance to bounce ideas and have someone hold me accountable to the ideas that I believe are worth my time but sometimes lack the focus to achieve without some outside nudging.  I'd recommend the program to anyone who wants to add some structure and business planning strength to their business."